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I'm in the process of giving my website a little makeover to make it more user friendly -- at least that's the goal.  Until I'm done (if ever...) some pages will be in the old format and some in the new.  I'm transitioning to dropdown menus for the buttons on the top of the page, but I'm going to leave some of the old ones there at least for now.  When the "Sports" or the "Events, Marches, Banquets" buttons are depressed, a menu should appear instead of taking you to another page. The others will operate as before.  Hopefully, you'll like the new format better.

I intend to upload photos in the categories that are "coming soon" during the summer, re-edit all the current photo albums and probably combine portraits and shoots into one category..  I took off the "soon" as that doesn't seem to be the case... 


All Sporting Events


Events, Marches, Banquets and Galas

Denver, Colo.


Shoots -- Coming...


Rallies and Protests

Denver, Colo.


Portraits -- Coming...


Scientific -- Coming...


Wildlife -- Coming...


Air Shows, Fly-Ins, Airplanes

Metropolitan State University Sports Photos by Darral Freund Photography | Denver, Colorado