About Me

I live in Denver and am from Los Angeles.


I retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1998, and from U.S. Federal Service in 2016.  I retired a little early due to medical issues.  I’m 64 years old (+/-) depending on when you read this.


I was a scientist by profession, but am now pursuing my interests in art, journalism, photography and science.


I participated in MSU Denver's Metro Meritus Program, which allows senior citizens to "audit" classes without enrolling in a degree program. Through the program, I've audited four classes in photojournalism as well as other classes at MSU Denver's  Department of Journalism and Technical Communication.

Darral Freund at a shoot.  Photo courtesy of  James Raymond Potter

I enjoy shooting sports events, low-light action photography, environmental or athletic portraits, rallies, protests, political events, galas, and some other events / activities as time permits.  I do these on a volunteer basis and don’t charge for my services.  I don’t do weddings or private events as a rule.


Currently, I’m focusing on MSU Denver Athletics and their half-time activities (Pom Poms and visiting acts).  I’m shooting as many different sports as possible as well as helping with MSU Denver Athletics public relations photos, such as team portraits and posters.  


I’ve volunteering my time to cover the activities of the Colorado Foundation for Universal Heath Care, and a number of my photos can be found on their website: http://www.couniversalhealth.org/  I shoot or have shot for other nonprofit organizations as I can.


I’ve shot a number of events of various teacher’s rallies, me-too movement, parades (see my website for photos) and other politically motivated events.  I try to focus on covering the event.  


I shoot most everything I can that takes place at Civic Center Park and the Capitol as I live within walking distance of those places.


All of my photos can be downloaded from the website at 1200px (long-side) resolution.  If you download a photo I kindly ask that you give me credit for taking the photo.  If you wish a higher resolution copy of a specific photo, contact me.


Suggestions and feedback are always welcome.


I am a member of the National Press Photographers Association.


 About Hobbyist Photographer, Darral Freund Photography | Denver, Colorado | Metropolitan State University Sports & Events

Contact me at darral@darralfreund.com or us the form below:

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